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mindful running for a worthy cause

Sydney to Brisbane 1000km

Proudly supporting -

previous 1000km run in UK


Start Date : 11th May 2014

Start Location: Sydney Hyde Park - pool of rememberance - Start time at 7.30am

End Date : 24th May 20144

End Location: Brisbane City river front (to be confirmed)

Running solo on average 75 km per day,

raising funds and awareness for Cancer charities.

McGrath Foundation & NSW Cancer Council

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No stranger to running ultra long distances for charity Harald Ulriksen has successfully completed some of the harshest and longest running around the world (view details in history page) .

Now returning to Australia to retrace part of his original walk from Adelaide to Brisbane he will be honoring his late wife Bronwyn Meredith that passed away from Breast cancer 6 years ago.

Join us in supporting the run and the efforts of this ultra distance event.

Public support : Join in the fight against cancer by

- donating online or in person along the route

- join in the run for a kilometre or an hour

- or by contacting us directly to sponsor the run logistics

Route details: the following towns will be the closest to the end of day.

11th May Start - Sydney Domain - end day in Gosford

12th May - Cessnock

13th May - Musslebrook

14th May - Willow Tree

15th May - Tamworth

16th May - Uralla

17th May - Guyra

18th May - Glenn Innes

19th May - Tenterfield

20th May - Mallangane

21th May - Lismore

22th May - Ocean Shores

23th May - Southport

24th May - Brisbane

Details of the run:

Starting in Sydney the lone runner will stay on public roads running approximately 15km stages before stopping for water and food break. Additional public runners are free to join the challenge for a km or an hour and spend some time running alongside for encouragement.

On completing the 75km distance for each day(approx 8 hours) will then rest before restarting from the same point the next morning.

Visits to schools and community groups are also part of the journey and will occur during the middle of the run day or at the end of the day.

to make contact please send mesage with your details from our contacts page on this site and we will get back to you.

Thanks to sponsors