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mindful running for a worthy cause



1st entry, 1st press release

Posted by hulriksen on October 18, 2012 at 10:50 PM

press release

April 3rd 2012 an Australian widower Harald Ulriksen honored the 4 year anniversary of his wife passing after a 6 year battle with breast cancer and set off on a 65 day expedition. To run the length of most of Chile, covering more than 3700km on foot, running an ultra marathon a day averaging 55km per day, with no rest days.

Running through one of the worlds harshest deserts, "the Atacama" and enduring relentless wind rain and cold of the south. All in an effort to raise funds and awareness for Childrens Cancer in Chile "amor y esperanza para ninos con cancer".

Now this Australian from Chilean parents plans to run the length of most of the UK this late November/Dec as winter kicks in he will be running over 1000km in just 14 days averaging an ultra marathon of 70+km per day this time doing it solo , unassisted. Starting in Inverness and taking a route through the middle of the country finishing in Brighton.

“the difficulty with this run will be the wet and lack of support crew on the road, the first few days you can manage but after the 4th day things start to unravel and the mind really kicks in to keep you focused and motivated to keep moving forward.

Why the UK? "my wife lived here for several years before we met and we had talked about visiting, so I have chosen to keep my fund raising hat on this year and attempt this challenge. She worked with children and so its only appropriate that my efforts go towards helping in particular Children with Cancer" says Ulriksen recently arrived to London in preparation.

He is no stranger to fundraising and long distances having started after the death of his wife in 2008 walking from Adelaide to Brisbane in Australia over 2400km and raising money for the McGrath Foundation and again running in a 5 man nonstop relay from Melbourne to Sydney (over 1000km).

Now in the UK he will promote the fight against cancer and via 2 charities: World Child Cancer and Children with Cancer UK.

You can donate to this new challenge and learn more about the charities at or twitter @runa2b4cancer and FB /runa2b.

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