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mindful running for a worthy cause

1000km Run: Inverness to Brighton UK - unsupported

1000km Run Challenge: Inverness to Brighton UK

Ultra marathon charity runner will run an average 70+km per day for 14 days straight (no rest days) solo, unsupported

The Dates:

Start: 20th November 2012 - Inverness

Finish: 3rd December 2012 - Brighton

The Route: RunA2B Itinerary

Inverness to Brighton 2012

Date Start Location End Location km approx

20 Nov Inverness Newtonmore 72

21 Nov Newtonmore              

Pitlochry                        67

22 Nov                   Pitlochry                                               Kinross                     72

23 Nov                   Kinross                                                  Pathhead                 72

24 Nov                   Pathhead                                             Jedburgh                   61

25 Nov                   Jedburgh                                              Newcastle (near airport)      81

26 Nov                   Newcastle (near airport)                     Stockton on Tees        71

27 Nov                   Stockton on Tees                               York                          79

28 Nov                   York                                                       Bawtry                 69

29 Nov                   Bawtry                                                   Nottingham               65

30 Nov                   Nottingham                                          Corby                 71

1 Dec                      Corby                                                   Luton             73

2 Dec                      Luton                                                  London (Mitchem)       70

3 Dec                      London (Mitchem)                              Brighton                       73

check the map below for locations in between points.

En route:

Runners are welcome to join along for how ever many km they feel comfortable, the pace will be medium roughly 10km per hour. the company will be appreciated

(note: any runner that joins the run needs to be fully self sufficient of all aspects. there is no assistance on this run ,food, water, health, return transport etc all responsibility of the individial)

Wellwishers on the route are welcome, donations of food and shelter also welcome for the athlete, please make contact via the contact page.


This is a run that aims to bring attention to the children facing cancer in the UK and in poorer 3rd world countries any assistance you can lend to spread the word will be fantastic. please direct people to the website facebook and twitter....oh yes and don't forget to donate.


More details

This will be a true test of endurance and mental ability against the winter weather, fatigue and the relentless kilometres of road to reach the goal. You can help his mission by donating to and supporting Children with Cancer in the UK and the world via the following charities World Child Cancer - Children with Cancer UK - CLICSargent

The ROUTE; some changes may occur for final details please contact runner via contact button

View RunA2B 1000km Challenge in a larger map

View RunA2B 1000km Challenge in a larger map