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mindful running for a worthy cause


About RunA2B

RunA2B was created with the intention of igniting change and assisting others through various parts of life.

  • We enjoy running from point A to point B to help promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • We provide training, support and motivation for new runners
  • We are dedicated to worthwhile charities that help people facing the fight against cancer.
  • We create fundraising opportunities and support charity.
  • We Run in extreme conditions and extremely long distances to highlight the fight against cancer that families face every day.Too many families face the fight against cancer with little or no resources, support or medical attention. It is a long road with plenty of hurdles along the way and the endurance required is much like that of an endurance run.

next event:


Amsterdam to Brussells 2013

Amsterdam to Barcelona

Dear Runner/supporter

If you are looking for some change in your life or feel like doing more to help someone else you are not alone and together we can make a difference.

With support and assistance along the way we can all get involved and help others that are facing this long journey at the moment.

We may not all be able to run long distances but we can all help in a small way. If you have any ideas for a fund raising event, I am only too happy to assist, please contact me to discuss the possibilities.

Help today with a donation to your favorite charity or donate to the charities I have chosen to support.

Thank you for your energy and support.

Harald Ulriksen

thank you to our previous sponsors

Video of what I do: in 1 minute

Video of RunChile: